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  • Give Your Business a Voice

    “Voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant have become very common in everyday life. From sharing the news or information about the weather to playing a song or your favorite podcast, voice search has opened up a new avenue: voice-assisted commerce or conversational commerce. Now that voice assistants are performing nearly perfectly, it’s […]

  • Technology
  • A Little Synchronization Can Pay Big Dividends

    “Having your Human Resource (HR) system communicate with your business’ Active Directory (AD) makes sense, but is it simple, realistic, or affordable?” The answer is YES! Now Using BeyondKey’s HR Active Directory Connect, you can sync employee data seamlessly with Microsoft Active Directory. Why do you need BeyondKey’s HR Active Directory Connect? Nobody’s Active Directory is […]

  • Technology
  • SharePoint Intranet – Digital age of collaboration platforms

    What began as a document management solution over a decade ago is today one of the most sought-after collaboration tools for medium and large organizations. Retaining its position as the proverbial 800lb gorilla in the industry, Microsoft’s Sharepoint intranet continues to solve problems and help employees collaborate across organizations. Sharepoint is a rich platform that […]